CWST offers a wide variety of coatings of high quality and precision. Surface treatments that improve performance and extend the life of tools and medical equipment. CWST has over 40 years experience in the industry and meets the strict requirements of the medical industry.

A large number of failures or poor performance in medical components are linked to stress corrosion and fatigue caused due to bending and cyclic loads. These problems can be solved easily with a treatment of shot peening or peening laser.

CWST is a specialist in the application of technical coatings that improves performance and protect a wide variety of critical components. We have the expertise to offer standard solutions as well as the development of any specific solution that perfectly fits the needs of any customer experience.medical


The Shot peening is a cold lamination procedure consisting of hammering the surface of a workpiece with small spherical balls in a controlled manner and following a fully defined parameters. The resulting applied voltage is reduced, allowing better dynamic performance and improved tolerance to failure

The Laser peening is having a major impact on the industry through its transition from a laboratory application to a fully reliable technology and in the production yield. Laser peening Enter compressive residual stresses 5 to 10 times deeper than by shot peening process and further conventional modifying the material surface is minimal.

CASE ™ (isotropic finishing) is a process of shot peening or laser peening followed by a vibropulido technique that provides an isotropic finish. The isotropic layer finish eliminates rough edges while fully maintaining the layer of compressive residual stresses. The process is designed to leave some valleys shot peenizada or machined surface as this is important for lubricant retention. The low level of roughness Ra and RDQ / Rda improves wear properties in addition to prevent the occurrence of crack and surface contamination.

Coating technology

  • Barrier coatings – protection against moisture,  comedical-suppliesrrosion, temperature, chemicals, harmful substances and pollution
  • Lubricating coatings – to improve performance, torque and tension keep working in surgical tools
  • Anticorrosion coatings – to protect vital parts and surfaces in different chemical conditions, biologies and environmental
  • Parylene coatings – to reduce friction, eliminate sticking of the surface and protect against discoloration and contamination. These coatings adapt perfectly to any surface and also providing a consistent protection with a thickness of a few microns.

These coatings not only provide protection to maintain performance in harsh environments also facilitate cleaning and decontamination, essential properties in medical applications.

Ensure proper surface preparation is vital to the life and performance of any coating. That’s why our pre coating treatments include the preparation by shot blasting, degreasing and phosphating

Some coatings applications are:

  • Tools and surgical equipment
  • Applicators medical needleless
  • Scissors
  • clamps
  • stents
  • implants
  • Cables
  • heart devices
  • electrosurgical tools
  • Mandrels and molds
  • catheters
  • together
  • Ajuga and epidural probes
  • medical electronics
  • Mobility equipment helps

Peentex: texturing and finishing

Peentex is a process by shot peening applied to metals, glass, acrylics and wood resulting a homogeneous, non – slip, wear and decorative finish. Some applications include mmedical-instrumentsedical equipment or tools as well as in architectural construction to protect internal or external elements.

Some applications Peentex:

  • Tools and surgical equipment
  • orthopedic implants
  • Tools and dental equipment
  • Equipment requiring low contamination
  • Mobility equipment helps